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Where Mulaah Distributors Keep Track Growth, Ads, and Payouts

Are you a Pre-Paid Mobile Store Owner, Non-Profit Organization, Entertainer, Large Consumer Business or even just a popular Socialite with access to a lot of Android Users? Could you or your organization use some extra money?

Become a Mulaah Distributor Today!

Why Become A Distributor?

Simple. Because Distributors Get A Cut Of Mulaah Ad Revenue just for getting installs.

How Does This Work?

Mulaah Pays Distributor 5% of All Impression Based Ad Revenue From The Users That They Bring to Mulaah. Distributors can even bring on other MULAAH USERS as Vendors and we will pay them a 15% commision on all sales in the Mulaah Store.

Benefits Of Being A Mulaah Distributor

  • Monthly Residual Income
  • No Limits on What You can Earn
  • Help Others While Helping Yourself
  • Recruit Vendors that Mulaah pays a commision to

How Much Can I Expect To Make.

Each User On Avg Sees 1-3k ads daily. We make $1 - $5 per 1000 ads and pay you 5%. So...

  • 500 users = apx. $450/mnth
  • 1000 users = apx. $800/mnth
  • 10000 users = apx. $7,000/mnth
  • 50000 users = apx. $30,000/mnth

Distributor Requirements

  • - Be an Active Mulaah User
  • - 250 New Mulaah Registrations Monthly
  • - Complete our Distributor Onboarding Process

To be considered as potential Mulaah Distributor, please tell us who you are and why you or your organization would be a good fit to be a Mulaah Distributor. Feel free to email our Distribution Coordinator directly at jhajha@mulaah.com.

Can't Bring in 250 Users Monthly?

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